The main features of the factory are: 
▪ Forward-moving manufactory process only.
▪ AIB inspected.
▪ Cooling process mastered.
▪ The production capacity could easily be increased due to planned and anticipated



The unique crepe recipe and the best automatic crepe production line along with 54 years bakery experience of our partner Mark-Crest Foods Ltd. give us a competitive advantage over other crepe manufacturers in North America.


2004: Manufacturing on a small scale. 
2006: Modern automatic crepe production line. New facility in Langley, BC


Half-Moon Foods specializes in making authentic styles of crepes that have distinct characteristics: 
▪ unique old family recipe with great taste 
▪ ready to use crepes, just warm and serve 
▪ handy package for 6 crepes 
▪ our brand special Half-Moon shape